VMS provides the data you need to run your business efficiently. Every day, whether posting income or executing trades, you need a reliable data vendor that offers the most complete and highest quality products and services available.

To that end, VMS is dedicated to the delivery of accurate, timely and complete information. Our products and services data includes:

Mutual Fund Data

  • Income Announcements
  • Dividend Ex-Date Calendar
  • Daily Accrual Factors
  • Audited NAVs

Mutual Fund Reference Data

  • Summary Prospectus
  • Statutory Prospectus
  • Statement of Additional Information
  • Risk/Return Summary
  • Shareholder Reports

Equity and Fixed Income Data

  • End of Day Global and U.S. Equity prices listed on 170 markets worldwide
  • Global and U.S. Equity and Fixed Income Corporate Action Announcements
  • Global and U.S. Equity and Fixed Income Security Master Portfolio with daily announcements

Other Financial Data

  • ETFs
  • Proprietary Unitized Funds
  • CITs
  • Stable Value Funds
  • Money Market Funds

Access your data at any time!

To deliver maximum efficiency for you and your organization, VMS provides a SaaS tool that gives you access to your information on demand, as soon as it is available. This portal provides enhanced self-service capabilities, such as the ability to:

SIS image
  • Search all funds and fund families in the database
  • Download current/historic data and report files
  • Request ad-hoc file exports
  • View all of your data throughout the day
  • Access NAV, Mil Rate, and Dividend data by fund for current/historic time periods
  • Review and manage your Asset Master
  • Add and delete funds from your Asset Master
  • Perform online asset scrub


VMS Data offers banks, trust companies, brokers, recordkeepers, investment advisors, TPAs and other financial institutions a wide array of financial data and information. We are committed to maintaining the highest standard of reliability so that the data we deliver becomes the usable information that directly benefits your business.

VMS's comprehensive coverage includes data on mutual funds, global and domestic equity prices listed on 170 markets worldwide, as well as global and domestic equity & fixed income corporate action announcements. We've been collecting, validating, and delivering data to many of the largest financial institutions in the country on a daily basis since 1992. We accomplish this level of service by striving to be the best in five key areas:


We understand the importance of accurate and complete financial data. You need the assurance that the dividend or capital gain rates, daily accrual factors, and NAVs you utilize to calculate and post your income is accurate. The audited prices you rely on for your trade execution must be correct every time. Your business depends on it. Our dedicated and experienced team proactively gathers and validates data for over 33,000 mutual funds, global and U.S. equity prices, and global and U.S. equity and fixed income corporate action announcements. To ensure accuracy, we get the data direct from the source - the fund company, their transfer agent, or a trusted third party vendor.

However, getting the data is only half the effort. To achieve the highest standards of accuracy, we perform an extensive proprietary cleansing process to ensure that data is of the highest integrity.

In addition, we take extra steps to proactively notify you if there are any next-day issues and changes reported to us by the fund companies (or our third party vendor for U.S. equity or fixed income data).


We recognize the time-critical nature of financial data for your business. You've got deadlines to post your income so you can get your statements out; you've got to get your trades out to “The Street” before trading cut-offs. We know the timeframes that you work within. Therefore, we make this simple and direct commitment to you: we will deliver the data you need on the same day it becomes available to us.

Dividend and capital gain rates are provided on ex-dividend date and are typically available by 6:30PM ET. Dividend Calendars, showing projected ex-dividend dates, are delivered at the beginning of the month, and updated every Friday at the end of the day. Unaudited fund prices are available daily at approximately 6:15PM ET. Audited NAVs and daily accrual factors -- gathered directly from the fund companies and their transfer agents -- are available daily, typically around 9:00PM ET.


We know that every business has unique needs. Therefore, we don't offer a "one size fits all" solution. We provide a high degree of flexibility by offering a wide variety of data delivery and formatting options to meet your requirements and integrate into your processes.

We can handle any transmission you need: Email, FTP, S-FTP, or NDM and available with PGP encryption.

We've built automated interfaces to virtually all trust, recordkeeping, brokerage, and portfolio accounting systems. Custom interfaces are also available.

In addition, we offer a self-service portal that allows you to access your data at any time.


We are committed to covering 100% of the mutual fund data you need to process. Our dedicated team of specialists contacts the fund companies directly to get the information so you don't have to. We track only the funds you require, and will maintain the equity and fixed income positions you need.

Over the years, we've worked hard to develop relationships with over 600 fund companies and we continue that effort to maintain and enhance our contacts. This allows us to access data that others can't. In addition, we provide global equity and bond prices listed on 170 markets worldwide as well as corporate action announcements.

Customer Care

We care about your needs. That's why we are committed to providing you with the service and support you deserve. After all, our data is only as good as the value it brings to your business. In response to our clients’ need to access data at any time, we built an online portal to provide information on demand, as soon as it is available.

If you have problems or issues, our experienced staff is always available to answer any questions and assist you in any way. Every day, our knowledgeable support and technical representatives are on hand to assure a rapid response to your inquiries.

You can get data from many sources. It seems there's been a proliferation of data available out there. However, in most cases, you have to take what they're offering and then find a way to make it work.

We are experts at providing products and services that integrate directly into your business processes. We have developed systems that are capable of delivering your specific set of data in any format you require. Additionally, we can transmit the data to you via a multitude of channels.

Why bother with data that doesn't fit your requirements when you can get an integrated solution that will allow you to automate all of your data needs.

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