Mutual Fund Desk (MFD)

Although mutual funds have been an investment option for decades, the lack of standardization across mutual fund companies continues to plague the systems expected to support them. Legacy platforms were designed to support the standardized trading and settlement of equities through a single depository, the Depository Trust Company (DTC).

Requiring these platforms, designed to handle one set of rules, to manage rules across 600 mutual fund companies created a considerable operational challenge. Our mutual fund trading and reconciliation platform, Mutual Fund Desk (MFD), has been designed from the ground up, specifically for this function. Our comprehensive coverage supports transaction timing rules used across 600 fund companies, representing 30,000 mutual funds.

MFD normalizes the key components of mutual fund processing, trading, settlement, reconciliation and income. MFD is also ahead of the curve from a revenue disclosure and distribution perspective. New industry regulations mandate the accurate tracking and distribution of mutual fund revenues. Many institutions today are not equipped to comply with these regulations, even when using a sub-custodian. MFD allows for instant compliance with industry regulations.

Benefits of MFD

  • Ensures income is calculated, collected and posted correctly – a critical step in upholding fiduciary responsibility
  • Exception-based processing system acts like a protective barrier to your internal systems, thereby reducing risk
  • Increases employee efficiency – allows for business growth without headcount growth thus, reducing costs
  • Easy-to-implement, cost-effective system, where costs are tied to usage not assets
  • Integrates with your existing accounting system(s) and connects to multiple execution venues
  • Provides mutual fund revenue collection and distribution processes, reducing the risk of regulatory scrutiny around transparency
  • Provides trading, reconciliation, income and mutual fund revenue processing at both omnibus and disclosed levels as called for by specific business cases (roll down capabilities by system)

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