Retirement Revolution is a next generation recordkeeping system built from the ground up to provide fee transparency, true open architecture, and participant-level recordkeeping.

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Fund Desk (MFD)

MFD is a mutual fund process-and-control platform that gives you as much automation and control over mutual funds as you have with stocks & bonds.

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Information Services (SIS)

SIS is a comprehensive source of audited mutual fund data customized for your mutual fund universe to minimize processing errors & accelerate the posting of income.

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from the ground up

Vertical Management Systems (VMS)

VMS is a technology innovation firm bringing best-in-class solutions to a financial services industry in need of change. We provide easy-to-implement, integrated solutions that solve for today’s key issues like fiduciary risk, fee transparency, and revenue reconciliation. We have worked with top-tier financial services firms for over 20 years, and process over $600 billion in assets.

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VMS solves many of the challenges facing the retirement industry today:

  • Antiquated Technology in many legacy systems; large companies burdened with technology debt
  • Conflicts of Interest with service providers competing for your business
  • New Rules and Regulations from the DOL and SEC requiring greater investment oversight
  • Lawsuits regarding fiduciary responsibility and excessive fees
  • Complicated Fee Structures prohibiting full disclosure and tracking
  • Inefficient Data Sources with little visibility into potential delays and data issues
  • Inability to Service the Millennials and their demand for choice and flexibility

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